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Animations for {tourr} using htmlwidgets for performance and portability.


Install this package by running the following in R:



# 2D scatter
detour(olive, tour_aes(projection = palmitic:eicosenoic, colour = region)) |>
# 3D scatter
detour(olive, tour_aes(projection = palmitic:eicosenoic, colour = region)) |>
  tour_path(grand_tour(3)) |>


Getting Started

This project uses TypeScript code which needs to be compiled and bundled for the package to work. To do this, you will need node.js, and yarn installed.

After cloning this repository, you can install the node.js dependencies via:

yarn install

Compile and bundle the TypeScript code and install the R package from source by running:

yarn run build

The TypeScript code which powers the HTMLWidgets can also be run as a standalone app using webpack-dev-server as follows:

yarn run start-dev

This will start the webpack dev server, which will automatically recompile and reload the TypeScript code as changes are made. The sample data and HTML used by the dev server can be found in ./dev, and are loaded in to memory based on the configuration in webpack/dev.config.ts

If you wish to make changes to the HTML files in dev/, or debug the yarn run start-dev command, you can instead run yarn run build-dev. This will load the files in dev/ in to a folder called dev_build/ rather than in to memory, which can make debugging easier.